Thursday, August 20, 2020

Jane Thompson Bleak history, by Mabel Jarvis. A model for Clory McIntyre

Jane Thompson Bleak, Aged Pioneer Woman Recounts Past Events, by Mabel Jarvis 

Life history of Jane Thompson Bleak, wife of James G. Bleak. Written by Mabel Jarvis, a St. George journalist and author. Undated. It cuts off after 4 pages. Found in the Juanita Leone Leavitt Pulsipher Brooks Papers,  Utah Department of Heritage & Arts. 

Note the many similarities between these stories and those found about Clory in The Giant Joshua. Jane T. Bleak was still alive when Whipple started doing resear

ch for the book, and her name is listed in the book acknowledgements. 

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Meet the Mormons (Look Magazine, March 10, 1942)

 Maurine Whipple, "Meet the Mormons". Look Magazine, March 10, 1942. Photographs by Earl Thiesen